Guided Walks

As a qualified London Red Badge guide and a keen interest in London history, economics,  and local knowledge I have offered walks of London for the last 7 years – all year round!

It’s one of the cheapest things to do in London. Whether you’re visiting or a local, it’s a fun way to learn the secrets of a wonderful city.

Below is the extensive list of guided walk choices: Bespoke choices also available.

1. What the Romans did for us. A visit to the plentiful Roman remains still in London. The Roman Wall, site of the Basilica and Forum, the Amphitheatre, Temple of Mithras, site of London’s Roman baths, taking in Roman engineering feats, their inventions and their modern legacy to London and the world.

2. Dickens Christmas Carol Walk. A short walk based on Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”. See Scrooge’s home and office. Where Bob Cratchit ran home on Christmas Eve to his hovel in Clerkenwell. The church bells that tolled the arrival of the Ghosts. The market where the Turkey was purchased.

3. Dickens’ London. A tour of Dickens’ London, where he worked and wrote. Includes a visit to several places named in his novels.

4. Chaucer and the South Bank – a nice one, lots to see and do. A refreshing walk along the South Bank of the Thames. Old coaching inns, the Borough Market, Southwark Cathedral and John Harvard, Shakespeare’s Globe, medieval bathhouses, brothels and bear pits. The Clink Prison, the Tate Modern. Can also include an extension to the Cheshire Cheese pub in Fleet Street.

5. Aldgate, Dirty Dicks and the naughty nuns of Bishopsgate! Starting at the Royal Exchange, a visit to some of the City’s historic alleyway, Leadenhall Market, Lloyds of London, Aldgate and its environs (Chaucer, Wars of the Roses and Jack the Ripper) Houndsditch plague pit, the naughty nuns of St Helens, the story of Dirty Dick and East End alleyways leading to Petticoat Lane and Spitalfields.

6. A Stroll from Cheapside to Blackfriars. A pleasant and varied walk of about a mile duration, taking in about 20 sites, including medieval jousting, the trades carried on in medieval London, Dick Whittington, Thomas a Beckett, St Pauls, Shakespeare’s home after he made his money, the Blackfriars theatre and monastery, Apothecaries, the Whitefriars, St Brides and the Brides Well, Fleet Street and the newspapers ending at the historic Cheshire Cheese pub.

7. Fleet Street walk Starting at St Pauls, a walk down Fleet Street and the Strand, taking in Edgar Wallace, Dr Johnson, Dickens, Mark Twain, Sweeney Todd finishing at the Old Curiosity Shop.

8. Sherlock Holmes’ adventures – Holborn to Embankment. Tracing the route of some of Sherlock Holmes’s adventures in London. Starting at Holborn, and finishing in Covent Garden.

9. Guildhall Art Gallery Guided Tour – great when it rains. A tour of the City of London’s art collection and an opportunity to enter the old Roman amphitheatre of London and learn about the gladiators.

10. The Jewish East End – also includes Jack the Ripper. A trip down the East End of London, reliving London in the 1880s, at the time of Jack the Ripper and the development of the Jewish community in the East End.

11. Haunted London. Ghosts of queens witches and monks, poltergeists, a plague pit, a headless aristocrat, some of the old Newgate prison cells, body snatchers, burnings at the stake and Sweeney Todd’s residence, not forgetting the Black Dog of Newgate with the burning red eyes!

Maximum 30 walkers for insurance purposes. I am fully insured as a Member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding